Miconic is a lifestyle brand that captures what we believe to be the true spirit of Mykonos, something to do with strong bonding and captivating energy. Objects of desire informed by an emotional connection that triggers the senses.

Inspired by the island’s unique vibe, together with its strong natural element and glamorous heritage, our handmade products are conceived as limited editions and are often the result of special collaborations with niche producers or artists.

Being it an extrait de parfum, a set of candles or a beach and pool wear collection, each item follows the same creative process in which one or more aspects of Mykonos are distilled into an everyday companion. Dreamscape with functional allure.

Our journey has just started and we’re excited to share it with you. For preorders, comments, or ideas, connect with us on Instagram or via email at contact@miconicstyle.com.

Be Miconic with us.