Work with us

Next to our consumer range, we design and produce bespoke lifestyle solutions for businesses. Whether you’re in the hospitality sector within the Cycladic region or simply feel inspired by Miconic and think it resonates with your brand, we’ always welcome new partnerships.

A trusted network of experienced manufacturers across Italy, France, and Greece allow us to work on limited edition batches, with each product being skilfully handcrafted. We follow each step of the process directly, from the initial concept of the fragrance working alongside master perfumers to the final product’s branding.

The range of opportunities is ample and includes working with us on sales&distribution on exclusive terms, co-branding projects with multiple levels of customization and complete bespoke creations.

Send us an email, briefly outlining your industry and the idea you have in mind: we will work with you to find the best way to bring it to life.