Heritage Collection

Our Heritage range is a tribute to Mykonos’ most iconic landmarks. Made in Italy in a limited edition, each extrait de parfum in this collection captures the essence of the island’s famous spots.

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Signature Collection

Our Signature range is a collection of olfactive stories all taking place in Mykonos, designed in collaboration with perfumer Cristiano Canali. Each fragrance is a unique take on the island’s distinctive elements - the nature, the energy, the people - delivering a unique sensorial experience through a carefully crafted blend of notes.

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Through a comprehensive range of room fragrances, candles, diffusers and accessories, MICONIC Home brings our unique fragrances and the sophisticated minimalism of Mykonos into your everyday life.

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Enlighten Your Senses


A selection of exclusive, high-end fragrances inspired by the many souls of Mykonos, the most free and luxurious among the Cycladic islands. A branded universe that captures the island’s iconic style and brings you its energy, every day of the year.