MICONIC the mykonos iconic style

MICONIC parfum d'intérieur

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After a successful debut as a niche perfumery brand, the Miconic range has grown overtime to become a full lifestyle universe comprising beauty and interior design. On top of our original line of extrait de parfum, we are now offering fragrance diffusers taking the unique atmosphere of Mykonos in your everyday space.

Our home fragrances come in a 200ml glass bottle, sealed for maximum safety during transportation. Keeping recycling in mind, the screw cup allows for an eco-friendly and responsible use. Included in the same pack is also a spray pump to vaporise the perfume in the air. This way, this bottle can be used directly as a room fragrance or as a refill for our blown glass diffusers ‘Stone’ and ‘Round’.

Choose your favourite scent within our range:

  • Armenistis, aromatic and powdery
  • Rhenia, boasting the sweet citrusness of sun-ripen orange blossoms
  • Kato Mili, with hints of precious woods and floral notes of rose and geranium
  • Ilios - Soleil Grec, a sensual perfume balancing precious hesperides, pink pepper, neroli, and geranium, to create a crisp and mellow bouquet